Marriage Decision

A man who had been seeing three different women decided it was time to settle down and get married. The problem was, he couldn't decide which woman to ask to marry him. Then he had an idea: he'd give $1,000 to each of them and whatever they did with the money would influence his decision. So one week later, the first woman goes up to him and says, "I spent that money on a makeover, a set of luxurious cosmetics, and some beautiful new clothes. I want to look as beautiful as I can for you because I love you so much." A week later, the second woman comes up to the man and says, "Here, sweetheart. I'm giving your money back to you. It wouldn't be right for me to accept this kind of a gift; I want you to keep it. I want to be as unselfish as possible because I love you so much." A month later, the third woman pays the man a visit and says, "I took your $1,000 and invested it. I got in touch with a stock broker who had a couple of lines on some good short-term stock picks, and in just the past month-and-a-half I managed to turn the $1,000 into $1,218. And I'm giving it all to you because I love you so much." So who does the man pick to marry? That's easy! The one with the biggest Boobs!

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