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Tim Allen Quarter Speed Grunts
More Great Fails Funny Video
More Great Fails
People laughing without smiling Funny Video
People laughing without smiling
Confused dog thinks he farted Funny Video
Confused dog thinks he farted
Guy has sex with cars Funny Video
Guy has sex with cars
Hawk Vs Drone Funny Video
Hawk Vs Drone

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Like Holding a fart in your hand.
no diving shallow water funny picture
No Diving Shallow Water
new words funny picture
New Words
photo to selfie evolution funny picture
Photo To Selfie Evolution
this is just sad funny picture
This Is Just Sad
that bird funny picture
Dude did you see That Bird

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Sum Tracks
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Why am I Dead
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Onomastica 2
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Mainland Wars
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Heart Star
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Mr Splitbox

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more » Little Johnny runs into his house and asks, "Mommy, can little girls have babies?"

"No," says his mom, "Of course not."

After Little Johnny runs back outside, his mom hears him yell to his friend, "It's OK, we can keep playing!"