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Crazy Halloween Prank
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Best vines october 2014
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GoPro camera Whiskey wedding
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dog dressed like spider prank
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Drunk guys sinking Kayak
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Most amazing snore ever

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Slightly Self Centered Kim
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These Idiots Exist
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Time For A Refill
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Two Types Of Girls
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Training Paid Off
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Watched Out The Window

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Mr Splitbox
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Black Ninja 2
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Barons Gate 2
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more » A teacher asks her students to give her a sentence with the word "fascinate" in it. A little girl says, "Walt Disney World is fascinating."

The teacher says, "No, I said, 'fascinate.'"

Another little girl says, "There's so much fascination when it comes to sea life."

The teacher again says, "No, the word is fascinate."

Little Johnny yells from the back of the room, "My mom has such big boobs that she can only fasten eight of the 10 buttons on her shirt."