More Signs you are out of college

-- Your refrigerator holds more solid foods than liquids. -- You've lost the thread on your favorite soap opera. -- 8 a.m. means shower and shave, not wake and bake. -- You file taxes with more than three digits. -- You hear your favorite songs in doctor's waiting rooms and when you're on hold with the bank. -- You're not carded anymore for anything. -- You carry an umbrella. -- You now know there's no such thing as "looking mature." -- You get your news from sources other than ESPN and MTV. -- Wine appreciation expands beyond Boone's and Mad Dog. -- Doing shots and smoking cigarettes guarantees midnight dry heaves and a sinus attack instead of midnight skinny dipping and a Big Mac attack. -- You go from 130 days to seven days of vacation time. -- You actually eat breakfast foods -- at breakfast time.

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